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Free writers can travel if necessary. As long as there is an internet connection, they can work everywhere. They can work in pajamas. They can pick up children from the bus station. They can shop in the middle of the day when the store is not busy. They can collect what they want … they can live in accordance with their own conditions.

These are just the benefits of becoming a free writer. Who doesn’t want this life?

It is easy to write a career freely. No, the success of a free writer is not easy, but this is easy to start, which is the most shooked place. If you take the free writing career in 2010, there are four things below.

1. Decision time: determine whether you want to work -time or complete. If you have money in the bank and can float for several months, you can start completely if you invest (marketing) work.

2. Time block: If you find the success of a free writer, you must be a total time manager. How much time do you plan to spend every day to realize your dream? Moreover, it will not cut it for an hour -I am not sorry. You need at least 2; 4 will be better -if you work part -time.

If you want to start completely, go out to 8, 9 or 10 hours.

3. Formulate the “action” plan: in the formulation of action plans. Many people call it a “business” plan. I hate that sense, because this is a lot of work for companies and never even starts. That is why I love the term “action plan”.

This means that this is something that you will continue. This includes which niche market you want to study, how you can become public, the budget to complete the website, determine a timetable to obtain writing samples, propose a price card and decide which services you will provide, and so on.

4. Perform your action plan: this is where many people fall. Well, of the e -mail that I have received over the years, this is the previous step that many people have never completed. They started to fall into trouble and tried to make everything perfect before she started.

This is the worst delay. It can prevent your success as a free writer. Other free writing Dream Killer is: | †

Freelancers write dreams: make -up progress, but not really not

“Research”: This is the goal on the quotation marks, because a large number of charming free writers spend a lot of time with themselves, so that when they really stagnate, they make progress. you can:

“Investigate” the website of other free writers to understand the desired thoughts;

“Investigate” the writing examples of other free writers to see how you can write your own books;

“Investigate” the types of the equipment needed for “definitive” free writing company;

“Research” (reading) articles about how others let their own freelancers write;

“Research”; “Research”; “Research”; “Research” … until you have overloaded information and have not completed nonsense!

Don’t let it happen to you.

If you do the four things above -you freely write your dreams, you will unknowingly earn a living as a freelancer. This is not difficult, but it really needs consistent efforts.


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