Vegan Jerk Spice Tacos

Vegan Jerk Spice Tacos

These Vegan Jerk Spice Tacos are incredible with mango, avocado, and avocado salsa! They taste great and are entertaining to eat. It boasts a deliciously luscious mango avocado salsa that nicely balances its robust, spicy taste and great hearty texture. The jerk seasonings include spices like cumin, cayenne, black pepper, and cinnamon that you probably already have in your cabinet.

Tips for making a recipe:

You may use this vegan taco dish for entertaining or as a weeknight supper! Before you’re ready to eat, you can cook the jackfruit up to three days in advance and store it in a cool place as needed. Next, combine the salsa, warm up the jackfruit on the burner, put your tacos together, and enjoy.

Vegan Jerk Spice Tacos


Mango avocado salsa:
  • Cucumber: 1/2 cup.
  • Avocado: 1 tbsp.
  • Orange juice: 3 tablespoons.
  • Red onion: 3/4 cup.
  • Cilantro: 1 cup.
  • Black pepper
  • Mango: 2 cups.
Jamaican jerk seasoning:
  • Cayenne Pepper: 1/4 tsp.
  • Hot paprika: 1 tsp.
  • Dried thyme: 1 teaspoon.
  • Ground cumin: 1/2 tsp.
  • Nutmeg: 1/4 tsp.
  • Jackfruit


  1. Prepare the avocado-mango salsa. Mango, avocado, onion, and cucumber, lime juice, orange juice, and cilantro should all be combined in a medium-sized bowl and gently mixed. Add salt to taste.
  2. Prepare the seasoning for Jamaican jerk. Use the bowl, to mix all of the spices.
  3. Get the jackfruit ready: After draining the canned jackfruit, give it a quick rinse under the water and shake off any extra.
  4. Pull the chunks apart to create the texture of shredded pork, using your fingers to remove any thick cores.
  5. Warm the oil in a big saucepan on normal heat. Put the scallions in a bowl and mix them perfectly for one minute, or whenever they are brownish.
  6. Cook the ginger, garlic, and chili pepper for one minute, stirring often to avoid scorching. Stir to coat, then simmer, stirring frequently, for 30 seconds, or until the mixture becomes extremely aromatic. Put all of the Jamaican jerk seasoning in it.
  7. Place the lime juice, tomato paste, tamari, coconut sugar, and jackfruit.
  8. Mix thoroughly. Add half a cup of water and stir once more. Cook, covered, stirring periodically, for 20 minutes.
  9. Along with the tortillas and mango-avocado salsa, serve the jackfruit.
  • Store leftovers in a cool place, covered, for up to 4 days.
Nutritional facts:

Calories: 132 kcal.

Fat: 2 g.

Sugar: 1 g.

Carbohydrates: 1 g.

Potassium: 85 mg.

Iron: 0.1 mg

Cholesterol: 17 mg.

Calcium: 15 mg.

Vitamin A: 280 IU

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