Enjoy the Pleasure of Working as a Freelance

Who says we need a full-time job? interesting to know
New trends in the labor market. Today you can set your own
plan, you can choose the right mix of projects you need
Be comfortable with the work you do, everything you have to do
is to choose the right freelancer for you.

More than ever, companies are using freelancers,
There are many tasks that can be done at home, freelancing is
has become so popular in the online marketplace because it offers you:
Flexibility and many opportunities to earn money on the internet.
Online marketplaces are a great way to make money from home.

One of the best things freelancing offers you is:
Gives you the power to do whatever you want to make money
Really nice and you already have good things you don’t need
Learn a whole new profession. There are many freelance jobs that
Available on online marketplaces including: writing, copywriting,
Web designer, web marketing, graphic designer, etc.

If you want to try freelancing, this is a great opportunity
Because the freelance market is just starting and growing
Everyday you can even get a freelance job without a job
Experience it, it’s very simple, there are many affiliate websites
you and your employer.

Freelancers who want more freedom, flexibility and
want more time with family when you are one
freelancer you can choose the job you want, the first advantage
For freelancers, the independence it gives you,
You reduce transport, maintenance and other costs,
Parking, refueling, but above all being able to spend
time with family. Nothing can replace time
The time you spend with your children.

Top Freelance Websites Review

I have managed to compile a list of the best freelance sites on the internet considering the various features that the best freelance sites offer buyers and freelancers such as cost of posting a project, getting a service provider or freelancing The commission charged by the operator, no. Quality freelancers available, no. Number of items published, item type, security of buyers and service providers, etc.

1. GetAFeelancer
Founded: February 2004
Get A Freelancer is a global website for outsourcing solutions and freelancing. Here you will find freelance programmers, writers, programmers, designers, marketers and more. You can also outsource projects and save a lot of money in the process. Getting the most out of web design, professional programming, custom writing or affordable marketing has never been easier!

The best feature
If you’re a Gold member, you get a full month’s worth of project commissions for just $12

2. RentACoder
Founded: 2001
Rent A Coder is a web-based marketplace that connects businesses in need of computer programming expertise to the global marketplace of freelance programmers. It also connects companies and freelancers in graphic design, writing, translation and many other services.

In the past, companies were dependent on local help. This results in unpredictable quality and higher than necessary costs. Rent A Coder solves this problem by providing more than 200,000 professionals from all over the world.

The best feature
Buyer does not charge any costs!

3. Script
Founded: 2001
ScriptLance is a service that connects programmers with buyers who need custom programming for their website. Similar to an auction, programming projects are posted and interested programmers bid on them. Programmers from all over the world are signing up. Everyone can understand English.

The best feature
Minimum commission for buyers and freelancers

4. Desk
Founded: 2004
Online Work Team Marketplace – Whether you’re looking for new talent or already have a remote team, oDesk has a complete solution for online work. oDesk is a marketplace for online work teams, providing buyers and suppliers with the best business model. Our unique approach assures buyers that hourly billing is hourly work, while reassuring suppliers that hourly work is paid by the hour.

With an average job size of $5,000, oDesk is the best place to find meaningful work and top talent. More than doubling in size since 2004, oDesk is where businesses build their entire organization online and is a major source of revenue for thousands of providers. oDesk is really changing the way the world works.

The best feature
Hourly and flat rate programs are available. Share team space and desktop

5. Elans
Founded: 1998
Elance, where companies find, hire, manage and pay contractors online, is changing the way companies get work done. On Elance, companies have instant access to 100,000 rated and tested professionals who provide technical, marketing and business expertise. With over $200 million in revenue to date, independent professionals use Elance to meet clients and get paid for delivering great results.

The best feature
Large market. Especially for software companies


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