How Can I Meal Prep On Keto

How Can I Meal Prep On Keto?

This might haven’t have been in connection with fitness and health, however, these wise words apply to this keto diet all the same; any new diet modification for that matter. By putting in a little extra work and technology your week to be on autopilot when it comes to food, not only free’s your time up to do other things like; hang out with your children, go for a walk or reach that spin class you have kept putting off.

How Can I Meal Prep On Keto

It also takes away those hungry food decisions that lead to poor choices, saves you money, and hugely increases your odds of sticking with this new way of eating.

In this guide, we’re going to show you precisely how to begin on your meal prepping keto trip.


Some vital elements and basic gear are a superb place to begin for effective meal snacking to aid you to whip up a few quick and Easy Keto Lifestyle recipes.

Equipment Includes:

Skillet: to have at least one is an absolute, bonus points when you’ve got a few in various sizes. Finding a cast iron skillet will find the best bang for the buck, these will last for many years to come and are safer to use than the Teflon-covered cheap pans.

Quality knife: A kitchen isn’t complete without a fantastic quality chef’s chopping knife, bonus points for an entire knife collection. Seriously, have you tried cutting off beef or chopping berries using a blunt knife? Adds way long upon prepping and cooking for the liking.

Food chip & blender: That will be my jam right here! Hey, I just get lazy and shred cheese, why the heck not? I find Ninja for a great brand with this offering great quality products at reasonable prices and you can get both processor and blender set.

Slow cooker: I attempt to consume Bone Broth every day, 1 way or another, and this just would not be possible without the ease of my slow cooker permitting me to make a batch of Bone Broth per week. I simply whack all of the components in about 10 minutes and then leave it immediately, voila! Obviously, it is amazing for all one-pan meals also and simply leave it to cook itself throughout the day, genius!

Food containers: An ideal way to portion off your lunches to the week into a container for daily to carry with you to operate, simply store them in the refrigerator. You may also batch make things such as cauliflower rice or courgette noodles to your week and keep them in massive containers in the fridge or freezer. Fuss-free! Notice: Steel containers are a much better choice to plastic since they’re safe to pop in the microwave and keeps you away from damaging chemicals found in plastic you can absorb through your own food.

Kitchen scale: weighing your food out is great at the beginning to really give yourself more of a notion of what you’re truly eating and to help get you into ketosis fast, it also stops you from mindless snacking.

Vegetable spiraliser: Although this isn’t absolutely mandatory I thought I would pop it to the list as it makes all of the difference being able to easily homemade veggie spaghetti-like courgette or zoodles and can help you to find a good number of low-carb veggies to your diet too.


It is time to acquire your kitchen stocked up on some vital keto foods. The goal here is to make food shopping and eating easier, in addition to reducing food waste, so pick your favorites and don’t go too mad, you don’t want everything at once!

I typically sit back on a Sunday morning and select what I want to consume for the subsequent week.

Breakfast: I favor an easy breakfast so that I can get the most from my afternoon; bulletproof coffee, smoothie, or speedy eggs & bacon.

Lunch: I tend to meal prep a”salad with material” into lunch boxes for each day & drizzle with lots of olive oil on the day I am going to consume it.

Dinner: I’ll attempt to batch create dishes like our Kickin Steak Chicken Curry or Hot Shredded Beef Casserole and also have it across a couple of nights so that I only have to cook two throughout the week and then experiment with entertaining dishes on the weekend.

Snacks: I’ll make Fat Bomb snacks about the Sunday that may keep in the freezer as an option if I fancy it. I will also create a batch of our Homemade Bone Broth about Sunday also in our slow cooker, to drink or add in cooking throughout the week.

I keep my meal program pinned onto a board in the kitchen or blue tac into the interior door of your cabinet, I also keep a photo of it on my phone, you understand, like a wonderful reminder so I remember what is what each day.

Remember to keep your meals packaged with whole foods, fresh veg, fish, and meat. The ketogenic diet is not healthy if you do not eat healthily on the diet.


It is easier to shop when you record the foods into rough categories on your own, and maybe begin the list with all fresh veggies if that is what you encounter at your supermarket.

A guideline is to attempt to stick to the perimeter of your supermarket where all of the real, whole foods are found.

Only include among the specific grocery’s you want to cook the foods you have planned for, this may save money and food waste.

Ultimately, the time to get cooking! If you’re not a big fan of cooking, then do not fear, it becomes easier with practice and we’ve got a few tips to hasten this process.

Read over the ingredients list and have whatever you need out prepared to be used.

Then read over your recipe instructions and prepare the food; peel, chop, grate, procedure, blend, etc. but all of the ready fresh food onto plates/bowls (separate the meat in the veg) so you can follow the instructions with ease.

Whatever you’ve prepped for your week ahead, separate into your containers and store in the fridge or freezer prepared to grab as you move.

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